Me almost losing my hat heading to the jet skis in Gabon, Africa last summer

I hit Charles De Gaulle looking like a mofuggin millionaire the day after my birthday party. I got to Africa and something about the motherland had me eyelash-less, makeup-free and ashy for two weeks. Almost a year later, I've finally taken some video and pictures from my last summer adventures off of my camera. What will I do this summer? I ran into RIP last weekend on the train heading back to the Brook from Soho. "I'm ready to go some place tropical" he says after a long flight back to the states from Paris. I agree! I'm going to take a page from Sofia's book and maybe take a trip to Montego Bay next month. Who's down?

Check out some video of my Dad and me at a cafe on the Atlantic Ocean, a mini tour of his villa and us leaving and waving to the guards (they were scary, eek!)...

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Sofia said... @ July 3, 2009 at 8:36 AM

Gyrrll, u know thats my home away from home:) Flights are dirt cheap, "bap, bap", let's go!

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