Last Sunday after catching the last 30 minutes of the first game of the finals, I decided to see if I could stick it out this Sunday with a timeline of everything that popped into my mind as I try to get engaged...here's how that went.

8:59PM Definitely got caught up watching Belly and getting inspired to make classic hood movies. Ok now to the game!

9:00PM I'm already over this shit. Damn. Oh, hey Kobe! How old is Kobe? His hairline is wild receding! Didn't Brandy go with him to her High School prom? Adorable. Ok, let's see how long I can last.

9:03PM Whoa! This Dwight guy looks like one of Cece's Grenadian relatives/a Grenadian ex or potential boyfriend of hers. He's gotta be West Indian.

9:05PM Lewis!

9:06PM Gasol!

9:06PM Lewis!

9:07PM Gasol! These guys are petty. Lewis looks like if he didn't play ball and he rapped instead he could've been a member of State Property. He looks wild Philly in the face.

9:09PM Halftime! Lucky me! Back to Belly!

9:10PM Wowww! This Lebron muppet's nose is dead ass wrong!

9:36PM This game is just not as exciting as it seemed last week, yawn! Man oh man, this Dwight guy's shoulders remind me of Ciara's in the Goodies video.

9:37PM Why is everyone so mad at Kobe? He's a great player and actually seems quite friendly :-/. Are people still mad at him about that rough anal scandal from a few years ago? C'mon guys, it's always rough going through the back door!

9:38PM Hey! That was Patrick Ewing! Is he a coach now too? I remember back in the day thinking Shabba Ranks and Patrick Ewing were related. Ha!

9:40PM Haha! Kobe just dunked on them. What game was that, NBA Jam maybe, where everytime you dunked the ball, the announcer went "BOOMSHAKALAKA!"?

9:42PM Nothing about Volcanic Mexican Food sounds like a smart move, smh. The Volcano Taco? Sounds like an explosion waiting to happen.

9:47PM Are these Nancie's wearing jockstraps? I'm getting no action, seeing nothing swinging, what the eff? Where are the men at?

9:51PM Gonna watch New Jack City in between commercials. Kind of sleepy but, it's my turn to be dessert tonight so I have to stay up until the honey finishes watching the game ;)

9:56PM Oh snap! Orlando is leading? Popping New Jack City in...now!

10:01PM That's hot! Turk-o-glu turned his towel into a Grace Jonesque hoodie thing-a-ma-jiggy.

10:04PM Uh oh, Kobe looks mad...gulp :-/

10:12PM Nino Brown was a cold mutha (shut yo mouf)!

10:13PM Does Kobe ever miss shots? He's like butta baby!

10:14PM If Lewis's beard gets any longer he's going to look like King Tut! Geesh!

10:16PM So Wesley Snipes ain't been paying taxes since New Jack City money? Wesley Snipes is a bad mutha (shut yo mouf)!

10:21PM Whoa whoa whoa! I missed something! Why is Jack Nicholson on the floor? I love when men get crazy over sports, something about the testosterone! You should come to my Mama's Momma's house on Superbowl Sunday! Blame my environment why I'll never end up with a sissy.

10:25PM Ouch! This Pietrus guy isn't looking to cute tonight :(

10:26PM Yoooooo b! This mask shit will forever bug me out! It's like bringing horror to the game! I want some mac and cheese. I wonder what Shaina is doing :-/. Hussy ain't call me this evening.

10:31PM Oh no, what happened to Kobe's ass? He's laying face down holding his bum. Where's Shaq with the remix? Kobe tell me how the court tastes!

10:32PM Tie?! Please no overtime! A woman has needs dammit!

10:37PM For real for serious, Fisher looks like someone related to me. Tied at 9 seconds?! FML! Who's this guy with the old school cornrows?

10:39PM Really guys? So we gone act crazy now and get the officials and shit all involved? I just cant get a break huh?

10:43PM Haha at that replay. Kobe and Dwight ended up slapping fives thanks to Turk-o-glu!

10:44PM Effing OVERTIME?! I'm outta here!

10:59PM Somebody's got to lose! Let's just bang out these last...28.2 seconds boys and we'll finish this during Game 3, okay? Please :(

11:05PM Yo, Orlando was not going down without a fight. Glad its over!

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