Dancehall is the ultimate best. The music, the vibe, the energy just everything about it is so infectious to me. But, there are some things I need to address. If you are dancing with a guy for more than one song wherein the dance leads to an episode of dry sex, please guys the least you can do is offer shorty a drink. While on my recent trip to Jamaica and even here in the US, I am so tired of noticing girls who are "daggered" and receive not even a drink for her services. Think about it, a reggae dance is like simulated sex and if a chick is pleasuring you with her posture and moves the least you can do is say "Are you thirsty?" I'm beginning to wonder if this behavior reflects a guys attitude towards women or even worse life. This is exactly why when I go out I rarely if even dance with a random guy. No time for the sweat or overexerted energy, I came here too fly.


1. This a barter society, so a drink should be offered first before you request a dance.
2. Clean clothes should not be surrounded by or mixed with dirty clothes, they absorb odor.
3. Deodorant should be applied prior to entering the club.
4. A dance does not equal a phone number especially if #1 isnt adhered to.
5. If you come to the club with your "physical" jealous partner do not initiate a dance with a fly ass chick as a fight may ensue and your girl with get a beat down!
6. One dance does not equal "daggering". This should be a four song minimum interaction. (Songs are short so patience is a virtue)
7. Weed and bad breath do not mix, especially if they are within inches of someone.
8. One dance or a drink does not equal I talk to you the entire night.
9. If you approach a girl for a dance and she says no the first time, asking her three more times wont change the answer.
10. If you feel yourself about to experience an erection, you know it in advance. Its all about courtesy. You may ruin your chances at a one night stand if you are too rash.

Posted by Sofia


leahnicole said... @ July 3, 2009 at 12:55 PM

daggered...so thats what its called...now i can say "stop daggering me" instead of "get your dick away from me!" next time im out...heehee

Teneille said... @ July 3, 2009 at 1:39 PM

hahahahahahahahahah! ur crazy Leah!!

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