We're all guilty of having one or two fashion faux paus but it's the 09 and it's time to step it up! So when I spot something I don't like I have to call you out. Here's my "Fashion Dont's" for this summer, they'll be more so don't try to hide...

1. To all our hipster bad boys, some of us girls (not me..sorry) can definitely dig your fitted jeans but do they have to be tighter than ours? I'm sure a little bit more room down there won’t hurt!

2. There’s nothing like a cute flat sandal on those hot sticky summer days but, when the bottom of your feet picks up the dirt from the streets it’s definitely an ultimate no-no. A definite do: Heels girlies step it up a notch.

3. Feet hanging off the front and back of shoes is an absolute no! If the shoe does not fit, don’t embarrass yourself.

4. Last but not least, most girls eyes just light up when we see ignorant glitzy pieces of jewelry on you boys (LMFAO) but, this summer we're begging you boys to leave your teeth alone. "Grillz" are OVER!

Posted by Patrice


Ainz Neal said... @ June 9, 2009 at 1:34 PM

I agree with all 5 a 100%

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