Man, I am all about overindulgence (shit, once I spent over $200 in lotto tickets in one sitting, for real) but, I have to ask, does this take the cake?

The internet is buzzing with pics of T-Pain in a chain which cost, ahem, let me breathe...$410K. Yes I said, $410,000! To all the naysayers, Mr. Pain asserted that he did make sure his family was straight before he purchased this piece and might he add, his oldest daughter who is 5 already has $4 million in the bank!

Weight: 10lbs
Kts: 197
Value: $410K
Causing everyone to take a second look: Priceless

Posted by Sofia


K. Michel said... @ June 8, 2009 at 3:13 PM

Pfft! It's his money. He could do what he wants with it... I'd like to think it's that simple.

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