This summer, the 'Tribal Chic' look is a HOT trend that demands attention! Strong graphic prints, earth tones, natural accents, chunky oversized accessories, ethnic inspired shoes (like the Louis Vuitton tribal sandals seen on everyone) and my favorite add on, BIG gold hoops which set off the look perfectly.

The tribal influence has been all over the runway this season inspiring girls to get in touch with their inner bohemian style. If you are truly a fan you can get a little crazy and clash tribal patterns and prints. If not you can get a touch of the tribal look with one piece at a time. Try pairing a zebra print shirt with shorts, a sexy tribal print dress, pants with an ethnic pattern or a funky exotic necklace. You can even wear sandals and heels with wood accents or a vibrant African print!

This is a look to have fun with, so go wild and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Posted by Keisha


Teneille said... @ June 19, 2009 at 7:38 PM

Loves it!!!

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