"I was digging in her so good that the only thing she could do was dig her nails into my back so deep she broke the skin. I felt the blood start collecting on my back. So I put my hands around her neck and said, “Don’t f*cking scratch me!". Then I kissed her, pinned her arms down to the bed with my hands, and drilled her with the manxilla, as she blurted out cuss words, and cries to the dear Lord himself. There are a few things during sex, that have a much deeper meaning than we know. I’ve been reading up on sexual acts and I discovered that there are unconscious things we do during sex, that have a meaning that we may not know." - From Hottest In The Hood

OK! So, this morning while over at Hottest In The Hood, I came across this opening paragraph and my eyes shot wide open. And not in some twisted tittilating erotic sense, more like in a "THIS NIG'S CRAZY!" sense. See, I know I'm only one woman but, having had discussed this issue with more than one of my hypersexed girlfriends on several occasions, I can stand by my response to this story. And it has nothing to do with my stature because I have friends of varied shapes and sizes and even they don't know how I've lasted with the kinds of experiences I've had.

We women are okay with rough sex on some occasions but, when our partner gets that "eye-of -the-tiger" possessed glow like the aforementioned storyteller seems to get during sex, it can slip into the not so satisfying zone. Now y'all know I'm a fucking lady but, I have to share this snippet of one of my own tales as proof from personal experience. About two years ago my then on and off ex-boyfriend bought a beautiful new dining table set for his apartment. We'd had our weekly fight right before he bought it and in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, I assume he figured he'd cook a "make-up dinner" and "christen" his new table at the same time. My food hadn't even digested and before I knew it I was being thrown onto the table and mauled to death on the innocent new glass. Somehow we ended up in the bedroom. I remember the windows being slightly cracked opened and hearing folks outside in front of the building. I began screaming so loudly just hoping he would stop (or someone would get help) but, like a scene from a horror movie, I realized that my weakened state caused no sound to come from my mouth. I can only imagine how wretched my face looked during those few moments of forever. As the voices slowly started to fade, I knew it would be my last chance to get help. I looked at him through blurry eyes and he'd started to get that possessed "I'm gonna pound you until you die!" stare in his eyes. With all my might I mustered up the unsexiest blood curdling scream. In that instant he snapped out of his haze, chuckled a little bit and kissed me on the face.

There was a clear miscommunication somewhere in those faces and groans. I remember scratching him to deter him from going any harder but, instead it translated to him as a trigger to "go harder". Listen, I'm not a fucking porn star alright. I want to have walls by the time I get married. So boys, maybe those scratches on your back are marks of pride but, we walk away with a doctor bill and six pills for "honeymoon cystitis". I agree that women unconsciously think to leave a mark on their partner when the sex is unforgettable. I've been caught up so deep, I think I bit a dude that means alot to me on his face. I can't quite remember though because I was so in the zone. I remember him stopping me though and realizing for a split second that biting someone's face was extremely irrational. Then I think I bit his shoulder :-/. Certain signs are an indicator of sheer ecstasy while others are a sign of sheer terror. But, these signs stem from more than just pounding orgasmic sex, it's about a deeper connection. So boys, chill out on the rough sex shit all the time. Your girl might just be trying to tell you "that ain't it".

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