I love a guy with a mean fashion game whose attire can make me nod my head in approval with the apt mixture of fabrics, colors and an overall “Kan-yee-zee” appeal. Although, I love a guy who takes fashion risks and actually knows the importance of cuff links and a tie every now and then, I also love that around the way dude that doesn't really put too much effort into his wardrobe. The kind of dude that’s always fresh but seems to have on the same outfit every time you see him. All he knows is he likes his tee and his ones crispy! Okay, Okay, I’ll admit you won't be able to keep me interested that long with a get-up like this but a little goes a long way. A day of shopping with your lady or just chilling with your boys doesn't always require you to look like you stepped out a video, hued out and “all glittered in jewels just like Liberace". Guys balance is key sometimes you just need to keep it simple…

Posted by Keisha


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