4. Always check your pockets before you drop off your clothes to the cleaners, because you never know...you may have left that friggin winning lotto ticket in the pocket and guess what, they keep it.

3. Always on the go, too much to do, you stop into your local coffee bar and you're on your phone, you're checking your make up, you're hauling a million bags and you accidentally leave your wallet on the counter. You run outside with your bags and coffee in hand, jump into a cab then look for your wallet and its gone! The cab ends up being stucked into a gridlock so you end up jumping out of the cab start running back to the shop only for your wallet to be gone and everyone's looking at you like you're speaking Arameic. Fucking..multitasking.

2. Remember that random hottie, that was scoping you out on the train. Well guess what? You decided to give him a call and you guys really hit it off. So you decide to meet and WTF...you end up finding out he lives with his mom and "off" his mom as he's "in between" career choices and has also had a few "Maury moments". Shit...dont talk to strangers.

1. Its a beautiful day and you stepped outside looking like that fashion forward person you are. It starts to rain, I mean alot. You stand too close to the curb and guess what, a speeding taxi cab drives over a puddle and now you're soaked. Your brand new weave is ruined...Never stand to close to the curb.

*Lucky you, you find your wallet inside one of your shopping bags when you get home and womp womp after you canceled all your credit cards, stopped by the police station to report your license lost and screamed at that random man that asked you for 50 cents or a dollar.

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Teneille said... @ May 9, 2009 at 11:56 PM

HILARIOUS!!!!!! Sounds like a day in my life, sfmh.

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