It's a Boo Night and I'm currently Boo-less. Though I am in the running for the most 1st dates achieved within 3 months of living in New York City. I'm probably up around 20 (a lot for me) and I've had 3 second dates, and 1 of those 3 turned into a month long romance and minor heartbreak. Sigh...but as the Buddhist monks say, "Life- you fall down and then get up. You fall down and then get up...". And so I'm applying it to my dating life in NYC as well, "You take me for dinner, I say thank you and run. You take me for dinner, I say thank you and run". Ok, I'm being a tad dramatic because a lot of the guys I've met are really cool and have become friends, but I also don't have time to waste when there's not a whole lot of chemistry...or commonality, present.

For instance, last night I was pleasantly enjoying a second date when the outting took a sharp turn into the Land of Too Much Information as my evening boo informed me of his love of womyn and how hard it is for him to stay faithful because of it. Ummmmmm. Faithful= Turn On. Cheater= Turn Off. Needless to say, I said a quick prayer to the Universe for the honesty received, SOS texted my best friend/roomy and bounced. It appears my prayers to the Universe asking for protection from guys who aren't ideal for moi is being rapidly answered, hence the high turnover rate, and I am grateful. But on this rainy eve, I'm feeling the lack of Boyfriend Love in my life and putting out a new prayer to Grand Ol' Divinity: I'd like more Quality and less Quantity in the dating department. Thanks G:)

A lil Keb'Mo' to keep me inspired (he's a beauty and my pretend husband tonight- 3:48 in the vid).

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