Hey Ladies,
I have not added an entry for a while . My mind has been M.I.A dealing with life issues. I was on some fuck off mode. However, I am back, focused, energized and continuing to grind. As you know the movie Wolverine was released in theatres May 1st. I am a big fan of X-Men since the comic book and cartoon days. In X-Men 1,2 and 3 Hugh Jackman is awesome! I love watching him play Logan. I must say he was the best choice for the role. Couple of days prior to the movies being in theatres, Shaina and I were on Twitter and she mentioned Hugh Jackman is one sexy guy. His role as Logan (Wolverine) made Shaina and I say "yummie yummie sexy, OMG". Hugh Jackman turns me on!

I cant wait to see the movie, I hope I keep the seat dry!!!!!!! ROFL


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