Congrats are in order to one of Boys+Clothes featured gentlemen Mickey Factz who just completed a commercial as part of a deal he has with Honda. Mr. Factz signed on as a spokesperson for the new 2009 Honda Accord. As told to XXL magazine “I got paid for two services.....I got paid to be an actor in the commercial and I got paid for my music to be in the commercial. So that’s two separate checks that I’m getting. I also get residuals on the commercial and if the commercial does well it gets extended. Right now it’s on a 3-month trial period. It’s a great situation and a great deal for me. It was a nice chunk of money.”

Congrats! Below are the behind the scenes footage and the completed version. But I'm kinda confused if that entire 3 minute feature is going to be an actual full length commercial:} >>>update they just took down the entire 3 minute commerical off of you tube..I wonder why?? But at least you can still check out the making below or go to www.rhymesandreasons.honda.com to see the full length commercial there.

Rhymes and Reasons - Behind The Scenes from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.


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