Whiterappers have to be something or come with some major backing to stand out in the Rap game. Rap is a genre created by inner city black americans, later co-opted by their white counterpart and turned then into this mainstream, commercial quagmire where its hard to be original and make your 'own' imprint without being compared. Having to even to admit and use this racial classifications within this now fused genre shows how much we have come as a society. Eminem who really had something which was raw and unedited then being backed by a rap icon only made him more of a viable commodity in the Rap game. We also had Bubba Sparxxs backed by Timbaland. He hd a great flow but he didn't connect as well in my opinion because he wasn't from an inner city like Eminem or ran with a "black crew". We also had those moments in Rap where white rappers step out with an infectious flow without that strong iconic backing but ran in a "black" rapper circle such as Paul Wall. And this allowed him to have more of an impact especially because of his music's fresh and innovative flow meaning the tracks behind it (screwed music). Today there is another artist Asher Roth who runs with a "black crew" and has a great flow as well but can he really live up to the hype?

Wikipedia does something nice now when they describe a rapper, they are called American rappers?? I like it. As Rap has become more mainstream its defintion is constantly questioned when new artist classify themselves as "rappers" and their style emit conflicting traditional aura. What do you do when you faced with these moments? Well you can do what I do..enjoy the music. We all the right to be free members of society even if that society isn't an ascribed one. What Rap has become can kinda scare you because mainstream marketing has become its driving force. I remember reading once that Joe Buddens a rapper with a great flow and a few hits but can you image his sales suffered for a particular project simply because he changed the spelling of his name on his album? Are people..let me not go there because that can start a whole new topic.. I bring all this up because I had the opportunity to be introduced to an up and coming North American rapper named OB. And while listening to his summer time banger in my opinion I started to question rap and what his reception would be into the game. I also had the pleasure to hear another banger, a collabo between him, T Pain and Kanye West. Its kinda weird that two people who the Rap game or rather those in the Rap game has taken offense to, Mims and Kanye West, respect the skill of this dynamo. But my take...keep up the good work OB. Its all about grinding and using the power of music to create something larger.

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