I think I’m back.

My nails are painted Pastel Pink, my eyelashes are on, my eyebrows are done and I’ve got a boy on my mind.

Not just any boy, THE BIRTHDAY BOY!

Steve is the prototype. And not just because he’s one of my best friends and Yung’s God-Pappy, lol. He’s intelligent, articulate, cultured, handsome, charming and is always comfortable being the only Muslim at my family’s very Christian celebrations. We “grew up” together, braving winters in North Faces and Timbs and playing the summers in Gucci’s and aviators. Before Jay dropped The Gift and The Curse, Steve was showing everyone how to do it in countless pairs of Evisu’s fresh from Japan. Drunken dance contests to caloric cook-offs; I can’t imagine what my adolescent and early adult years would’ve been without him. I love my Steve!



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