Recently, I got back in contact with one of my annoying high school teachers. Young guy, good guy but we seemed to always bump heads. I thought I was just suffering from teenage angst but, he kind of still irks me. He's always been "in the know" and was passing his opinion on some of the projects I've been working on lately and of course it wasn't the type of advice I wanted to hear. I zone out when I don't hear what I want to hear and I started reminiscing about my high school days. You, Me, Him & Her was a big song back then. Then I remember one lunchroom cipher where I heard the funnest metaphor I've ever heard. This kid Kareem said... "I put my dick in your ear just to fuck what you heard". That shit had me dying! Maybe he heard it somewhere else and reran it but, I've never heard it again since then so maybe it was original...? Good times, good times.


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