Although some women snoop of out sheer insecurity, normally women resort to snooping for one main reason. We think you’re creeping. But, hey we've been predestined with the task of providing stability in our relationships and sometimes by any irrational means necessary.

So, let’s reflect briefly on the two types of snoopers.

There are Blatant Snoopers and then there are the Snoopers On A Mission.

The Blatant Snooper:
1. Visits your myspace and/or facebook pages for inappropriate comments
2. Keeps abreast of your recent status updates and newly uploaded photos

This kind of snooper wants to know how you're representing yourself to your peers and the general public. She’ll want to keep track and keep you in check on how you're interacting with other females ensuring you don't cross the line of disrespectful.

The Snooper On A Mission:
1. She’ll leave outlandish and/or overtly personal and “cutesy” comments of her own (yep, that’s snooping) because her goal is to stir a frenzy amongst any existing cohorts you might have causing them to “show” themselves
2. She’ll attempt to hack into one of your accounts to read your incoming and outgoing messages (that’s definitely snooping)
3. She’ll even attempt contacting one of your "friends" for "questioning" by sending “an innocent” friend request, etc. (that’s some crazy shit right there)

This kind of snooper is trying to prove a point. You’ve more than likely given her a reason to snoop and she’s out to mark her territory...publicly.

Now how each snooper reacts to evidence of creeping varies as personality type plays a defining role at this point. Is she sweet, charmingly sassy but slightly coy and adores Beyonce? These are the snoopers that will more than likely turn to hacking, questioning and internet stalking. She’s the type of girl who’ll take pride in not appearing to have lost her cool so she’ll do her dirt secretly. Is your lady friend outspoken, fiery, opinionated and is a Lil Kim fan? (Which one are you Cee? LOL) Then she’ll most likely be the chick to bring it to your neck directly with an ugly confrontation, phone call, voicemail or text message. This type of girl takes pride in not hiding her flaws. She’d rather be “not be made a fool of"... publicly.

But, no matter what kind of snooper you have just don’t give us a reason to. Becoming unnecessarily irate by us paying an innocent surprise visit to your place or freaking at the thought of us glancing at your caller ID will only signal to us a code RED.


Anonymous said... @ November 13, 2008 at 10:30 PM

... Well Ive been in alot of relationships when they snooped with no reason. For some reason I have a magnet on me for crazy women. I havent met one in my life that hasnt been outta her mind! Demographic, possibly? IDK

Anyway, Ive been thinking... Whats the point of cheating? If you're so unhappy with that person, just leave. Some might say "its not that easy"... well u knew before-hand it wasnt going to work. If you feel you need to snoop around, kick that nigga to the curb/out.

(and find a guy like me :] ),lol

Teneille said... @ November 13, 2008 at 11:11 PM

I agree 100%, if you even have to begin snooping just leave. But, I also am I firm believer in having to go through hell before you get to heaven. We all need those bad relationships that make us crazy and full of despair so that one fateful day when we find the man or woman of our dreams we'd know just how much to appreciate them. Just love's growing pains. And everyone gets to that point of realization at different times in their lives.

Kawaan said... @ November 14, 2008 at 1:21 PM

A ha! Lol! Now I know the truth to snooping. But its only natural. A lot of girls are afraid to confront their men... I've been in both of those situations and its not sweet. Especially when a girl gets caught.

Kidsister said... @ November 15, 2008 at 4:28 PM

I'm like a ill voicemail hacker, lmaooo..I have figured out passwords for voicemails in my crazy phase. Now it's too much work, If I have to play a DT then fuck it..I'll move on and bother u when I feel like, lol:)

Kidsister said... @ November 15, 2008 at 4:29 PM

But wait I want to know, some guys are really turned on by the snooping. They love that shit. Please explain..what's so funny about me calling the whole of brooklyn for ya ass, huh?

Kawaan said... @ November 16, 2008 at 6:56 AM

@kidsister it shows that you really care about us. If you didn't, you wouldn't be checking voicemails and our myspaces. However, there's a thin line between caring and crazy. If there's reason to do it (less time spent together, little or no sex, always busy), its all fair to me, because we guys do it too. Its cute when yall put on your mad faces and we're innocent and then you give us the I'm sorry, but I was worried and I miss you look. Because usually what follows after that is the I'm sorry and I miss you sex. Or as what me and my homegirl call it, that jody.

But then there's the I don't want my man talking to no female at all except his mama and other family members, so ima check every voicemail, every website he is on google his name and hack into his sidekick blackberry and aim. I had to leave a girl because of that. She even accused me of mainshain because I went to a party at her house. Even came to my good job cause I wasn't payin her no mind. SMH!

so if you're caring and not crazy it is definitely a plus...

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