Now, I know I can be a tad bit arrogant at times but, my reasoning is always warranted...


I'll never understand the excitement over the "flashy rapper types". Imagine me in my tiny motorcycle jacket and 4 inched heels shivering pretty outside of the club because (insert rapper's name) is "in the building". Really? Inside the club, nonchalantly stalking the VIP section there's about a hundred clones with their LV Doctor Bag full of singles, rent, tuition or income tax money in hand. Some will "pop-lock-and-drop-it", some will make out with their homegirls and some will play it cool by assuming the boss bitch role. But, I just don't get it. What's so poppin' about being a "Bust-It-Baby"? That shit ain't poppin to me! I don't want to be the ruthless ass freak bitches these rappers construe during studio time. Leave the club with you and get what? Supersoaked?! WORD?!

I guess I'm not into the "rapper type" because the images alot of these men have created for themselves they become forced to live. It's kind of backwards to me because I remember when rappers rapped about the lives they lived before the fame. Call me an old head if you want but, how real was C.R.E.A.M? I got my chain snatched by a grown man getting on the L Train on Livonia in '99 so I know how real Ante Up was. I knew alot of hustlers who did pretty well for themselves but, I don't know how many of them should be considered kingpins...I'm just saying :-/. So as a chick, I don't know what other chicks find so exciting about these types. I hate gaudy chains, I don't care how much you paid for it. I hate du-rags. I hate saggy pants and I don't find being called a bitch by the man I'm sleeping with a term of endearment. Of course I have love for my friends Saleem and Mickey but, Saleem has been my friend for almost a decade and is one of the most intelligent men I've ever met. And if you know Mick, then you know he is amazingly humble and an all around good guy. But, they're two in a million.

Dating a rapper isn't going to automatically throw you into the running to win America's Next Power Couple. Are your priorities building trust and meaning with someone or looking good together and making other bitches jealous?


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