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One of the most challenging and underappreciated tasks a girl must maintain in a new courtship is keeping pretty. From the stiff five inched heels to the too tight new sew-in weave job, keeping a new boy visually satisfied very easily becomes daunting and frenzied.

After a comfortable amount of dates and a spontaneous rockstar after-party rendezvous at my place a few weeks earlier, my most recent object of affection sprung a surprise visit on me one weekend. Distraught by my appearance and the lack of time he'd given me to "freshen up", my natural insecurity can't help but feel like that evening marked the beginning of the decline of our whirlwind romance.

My new hair had yet to "fall" into place and I was de-eyelashed. It had only been about a month and a half and there he was staring awkwardly into the hot mess that is Teneille on a boring and rainy Saturday night. Before him, my ex and I had practically lived together and I was still making his dinner in stilettos, tight jeans, diamond hoops and perfectly coifed tresses. Although keeping up appearances is impossible in a relationship, the lady in me knows better than to just spill all the ugly out the bag in one night. Does he realize I don't have any eyelashes on? Does he like my hair? OH GOD why'd he have to see my hair right now! I was an emotionally superficial mess inside.

In NYC great guys love a girl with killer style. And we love the fact that you're piecing together little hints of our personalities by our choices in bags, shoes and accessories. But, this appreciation…The Gift and The Curse. A style observant beau can be a fashionistas worst nightmare. Determined to keep your eyes only for us, another date means new goals. How do we top our last outfit choice? Pair of shoes? Bag?

With 20 minutes to spare, I could've transformed into the nonchalant sleepy sex kitten I'd planned on if he ever pulled a surprise slumber party. Slight bed head, long eyelashes, a little bronzer on my cheeks and flirty black nightie. But, in two minutes I'd only managed to pull off my headscarf, lotion the front of my legs and yell "SHIT!" still wearing a busy skirt that I'd lazily pulled over my boobs as a dress a few hours before. Then the doorbell rang.

So the next time you stop to talk to that beautiful chic city girl appreciate her for more than her great taste but, the effort it actually took to blow out her hair, brush it, powder her face, line her eyes perfectly, curl her eyelashes, lint roll her top, find her other diamond hoop and decide on the perfect pair of shoes and bag.


$port said... @ November 10, 2008 at 7:52 PM

good one..i can definitely appreciate a chic in her more natural state, and i'm usually fully prepared for whatever's on the other side of that door once i make a pop-up visit...i'm good with scarves, facial masks and baggy sweats....

but on the flipside, the same can be said for us....


i was in the barbershop for 3 hours...

this tee was $90....and all it has to show for itself in logo the size of a lintball...

$56 for a damn ball cap that i don't even fully wear on my head...because of that haircut with the 3-hour wait...

....and dammit this is the first time i wore these sneakers...and i've had them for a year...

...so don't flip out if you show up to the crib and i'm rocking an old tee from a hoop tournament, some shorts and socks with the screen door patches...

...let me live lol...

Kawaan said... @ November 10, 2008 at 8:28 PM

good, no, GREAT post tee. Im definitely gonna appreciate when a girl goes all out more often though. Guys are really different sometimes when it comes to that. Yall NYSD girls make it look like its a peice of cake the way yall step out! But sometimes i be diggin when a girl be "regular". Its cute when im comin over just to chill or see u and u got on a pair of sweats and a wife beater. :-)

Kidsister said... @ November 15, 2008 at 4:32 PM

awwwwwwwwww, lol..

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