The beautiful Octavia from Paris Is Burning

My first full Pride Week showing support to the LGBT community was exciting, entertaining and ecclectic...all of which has left me EXHAUSTED! I've learned so much and have found a deepened respect for the brave souls who openly aren't afraid to love who they want. I must've exuded so much comfort and liveliness at the Bleu Magazine 3rd Anniversary Party that I was dubbed an official gay man! HA! I have been werking it though bitches! One of the most eye opening experiences for me this week was watching famed documentary Paris Is Burning. It's a film that gives us an in-depth look into the Ball Sub-Culture I'm so heavy into from stalking YouTube videos of the Balls. This film and sub culture has influenced so many iconic straight girls like Bey, who's always snapping for the kids and of course Madonna. Oh and how cool is it that a legendary dancer was named Teneille Dupree! HA! Although it's a more serious and introspective film, here's a clip of one of my favorite scenes... (peep the history of the slang word shade we ALL use also)

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