The recession monster rears its ugly head, and by no means has it spared the fashion industry. It ain’t all good. The long-awaited NY Fashion Week scaled back, failing to meet fashion lovers’ expectations. And it isn’t ‘business as usual’ for Neiman Marcus, as the luxury retailer is rumored to offer mid-priced merchandise. But the big names in fashion are still putting up a fight, focusing on individuality and innovation. Some designers have skipped out on extravagant creations in place of quiet colors and minimalism, making it easier for penny-pinching fashionistas to achieve a look that’s fresh off the runways without breaking the bank.

Many have even succumbed to high-end fashion at a low-end cost. If you haven’t yet heard the news that everyone’s favorite bargain merchant H&M will soon be selling Jimmy Choo’s, you’ve clearly been hiding under a rock! There’s no telling when the recession will loosen its grip on the fashion world, but only the strong will survive.

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