Do you SPANX?

From one lush mama to another I dare ask, do you Spanx? If so, fabulous, if not start! Case in point, one day I was watching an episode of Tyra (yes I sometimes fall victim) when I noticed something peeking out from under her wannabe boyfriend jeans. What was this black, non-legged undergarment? It was non other than my favorite new obsession, the Spanx Hide & Sleek Capri Smoother! No exaggeration necessary, I believe these are truly heavenly gifts’ from above. They smooth and tuck you from tummy to mid calf seamlessly.

Anyone who knows Miss Banks knows she is a proud and outspoken Spanx advocate. She’s done everything from discussing them to showing their powers on national TV. But this time around she wasn’t just wearing them under some frilly dress or slinky pair of leggings but under her jeans?! As many of you may be gasping or sucking your teeth, I applaud her!

Being a lush woman you must look good at all times. Our goal is to always make our bodies look as long and lean as possible while accentuating the curves! I don’t believe in hiding the bumps and chunks but smoothing and minimizing is always the way to go! So whether you’re a Kim K. or Karima B (from around the way) you need a smoother of some sort in your wardrobe, Spanx or otherwise. Because remember beauty starts from within but fashion starts underneath!

Until next time keep it Lush & Luxurious!

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