The human body is a weird thing, especially a woman's. Some women can attest to never experiencing an orgasm.
But, the question of the day is:

"Does reaching a orgasm truly mean you are satisfied?"

I have a friend named..."Name". "Name" met someone who would lay the "illest pipe" on her. She would tell me stories of how he would f@$k her so good, tears would come to her eyes (ouch). Once she couldn't think straight for a week. The downside to this is that this bringer of great sex was also an on the low loser and despite the phenomenomal sex, she never experienced an orgasm with him. Some time after, "Name", met someone else and she described experiencing her I guess first true orgasm. Despite reaching her peak during actual intercourse with this new dude, she still didnt feel as satisfied afterwards as she would with bringer of great sex.

Then again, I've met a few dudes who say there are different levels of a nut. They could even have just finished smashing a chick and then say the sex was trash.

Posted by Sofia