Awaiting to be called up to the panel

Pride Week in NYC has kicked off and as another way to show our support to the underserved and underappreciated gay black community, I was honored to have been asked to sit on the "Greet The Press" panel to voice my opinion on how important it is for our gay brothers and sisters to stake their claim in the media. Obviously, I'm not gay or a gay black male for that matter but, I do understand the lack of support one might find when they dare to be different and live their lives according to what makes them happy. It was important to me as a human and then as a black person to participate on this panel.


Hearing the varied stories, questions and concerns of those on the panel and in the audience, I wasn't surprised that "their" voices don't sound any different from the straightest man or woman in America. Just wanting to be looked at as someone from a low income area trying to make it or a professional black man in Corporate America, they're the stories of indivduals. Why should we support more black gay media outlets? "Because if you don't tell YOUR story someone else WILL!" That was the most powerful line I walked away from the entire evening. Writers, bloggers, reporters, let's be more inclusive in our storytelling and reporting. Let's be more open to the sources and audiences we serve and support. Our issues are human, not straight, not gay, HUMAN.

For more information on Greet The Press and the amazing organizations involved with bringing this event and like events together please visit www.thefutureforward.net. Also stay tuned for my interview on The Rainbow Collective TV. Maurice gives me some good advice about what to watch out for with you boys...

Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of Dexstar G The People's Photographer

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Nathan "Seven" Scott said... @ June 25, 2009 at 10:06 AM

YES! Boys + Clothes was in the house. Things are about to get SAUCY up in here. Thanks Teneille for your beauty, style and charisma at our event.

Richard said... @ June 26, 2009 at 8:51 AM

Teneille, I am so proud that you have taken a stand for Freedom of Speech. We ALL must tell our story, if not someone else will. Keep up the great work at Boys and Clothes... I am looking hear about stories, information and points of views different from General Media.

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