...without being mistook for a stripper!

The bustier is a versatile garment that every woman should own. Ok, well maybe not every woman. (If you don't have a trace of a waist, a bustier is not gonna create one for you. Everything ain't for everybody, folks! So ladies, use your better judgment!) Lucky for us, the bustier isn't just for the boudoir anymore. So now we have the license to be just a little slutty in public. If worn properly as an outer garment, you won't have to avoid those street corners....

First things first, buy a bustier in your size. If your bustier is too small (i.e. you wear a C-cup and your bustier is a B-cup) don't even bother! But if it fits you, you're already off to a good start! Now that that's out the way.... Pair an understated bustier with your favorite denim during the day. For a night out on the town, throw on a sick necklace and some funky jewels. You can even don your bustier underneath a suit or tailored jacket.

Balance is key! But don't be afraid to get creative. If your bustier speaks loudly enough for itself (sequins, bold pattern --highly unlikely), turn down the volume with a solid-colored skirt or slacks. If you got it, flaunt it, right?! But if you don't want to flaunt too much, layer a cardigan or shrug on top of your bustier for a bit more modesty. Regard the bustier like a camisole or bandeau, and you'll be good to go!

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