Yesterday I Attended the Recessionistas Unite event in Brooklyn and BOY OH BOY was it something else.

It was freezing cold outside, but as soon as I entered the door I was warmly Greeted by TreZure, the hostess for the event who also performed and vendors passing out flyers for their stores. We talked briefly and TreaZure disclosed to me that a Fashion Show was about to start and that I had got there just in time (Even though I got lost and couldn't find the little place which was nestled in an underground store known as Brother's Jewelry).

CavWins.com Launched their new line of T's and showed off a jacket that they said was TOO EXCLUSIVE FOR THE STREETS. The T's were hot. I loved the bright spring colors and how lightweight they were, which is great for the summer heat.

Vintage Blvd Had pieces that recessionistas around the world would want. It was like love at first glance when I looked at many of her skirts (Dont Worry Numbisi I saw Your table and Your Models!! Loved The Coullotas). Vintage Blvd Also has great Pieces on their Web Site.

I saw Princess Of The Posse and Chay$TheGr8 (C$tg) designs that I could have snatched off the table and ran with, but why when the prices were so good that not even Suze Orman could resist buying something!!
So I copped a Princess of the Posse Tee, inhaled the incense burning, bopped my head to the electro pop, and hip hop jams DJ Rob The Rich played and waited for the Fashion Show to start. There were fierce models and even fiercer pieces draped across them. The accessories by Those Brothers and Odd And Even were not to be looked over.

Who would've thought that you could have had so much fun, shop, see a fashion show, enjoy music, meet great people and EAT at the same time?

For information on the vendors, Recessionistas Unite, and to look out for their next event check out RecessionistasUnite.com

AND BE SURE to check out great Vintage pieces without the high prices at

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