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Just wanted to fill you all in on what's new over here with us at Boys+Clothes. Since our last makeover (what we call B+C 3.0) we've been working around the clock to keep you entertained and enhance your overall Boys+Clothes experience. So what's one thing all us B+C girls love to do...SHOP! Have you noticed you can actually shop on Boys+Clothes now? Now, don't worry we aren't stealing your credit card information to get fly! Just click on the 'SHOP' above on the menu bar and see what pieces we're raving over or recommend for the season. Our spreads are linked to the store's website where you can actually purchase directly from a reputable online store. It's fun, easy and a guaranteed fresh :).
We're also jumping out the window and doing music reviews now. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and as much music videos (official and homemade) as we post on the regular it's pretty evident we have a good ear for great sounds. Got a track, mixtape or album you want us to hear? Then email it over to boysandclothes@gmail.com and at your own discretion. We won't grant everyone a review, only those worth talking about...good, bad or ugly.

OH! Guess what's going down this coming Sunday? The ISSUE TWO PARTY! This is gonna be crazy! Stay tuned for the official details this week!

Also coming this week...
Fashion tips for the Lush B+C Girl and we might be announcing our first official Boss Chick...

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