Haitian V has a crazy ear for what real music heads want to hear. So what does he do in addition to acting, designing, photography and stand-up? He spearheads yet another classic mixtape "V100," Bap Bap, "NO DAYS OFF!"

V100 is an introduction to "who's next". When is the last time you can say you listened to a mixtape with artists not comercially known and actually play the songs back to back? Hell, this is definitely a first for me. Not only does V100 feature artists to watch but, it's a comedic mixtape so you get to bust a gut to Haitian V's wild ass antics even including Jay-Z and Lil Wayne interviews (HA!). Boys, you get to enjoy Nikki Minaj's "darling" voice and please peep the argument with "Ignorant Trevor!

I don't co-sign bullshit or people I'm cool with "just because", so mark my words and say you heard it here first. Every artist is sure to be a big deal in the near future. It's not a game. So you're thinking every body has a mixtape right? Well, many of you effed up on finding out about Drake years ago and now he's responsible for giving birth back to the possibilities. Don't sleep!

it here now and Tell Vlad Pusha Pat sent you! :)

D.Julien-Up High
Kris Kasanova-How do I feel
aSmash-Life. Fall. Ball. Death
Curtains- Round Here
B.Y.P.-The Way She Move
Melo-X feat. Print & Jesse Boykins III - Keep The Faith

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