I'm actually sleepy!

It's 1:49 AM in NY and I AM TIRED! I only picked up some jeans for Yungy today, took myself out to an early dinner, chatted with Katie for a bit, saw a great documentary and now I'm actually going to bed. Usually my nights replace my days so this is a rare occurence for me. I'm yawning and everything, I feel like Pinocchio when he realized he'd became a real boy!

Speaking of boys, I'm so annoyed with the opposite sex lately. I know dudes are getting on my nerves when Yung's Dad is starting to look like not so bad of a guy (he could care less about my "industry life" so I know he's not reading the blog, lol).

But, oh well.

Let me take advantage of this great moment and go to bed early! Woohoo!

So, of course by the time I finished writing this, I look at the time and it says 3:03AM (GADZOOKS!). At first I thought I must've just entered some twisted alternate universe so I literally pinched myself. Then I remembered the time change! Damn, it was going to feel good going to bed in the 1AM's, sigh. I might as well stay up now :-/.

Maybe I'll Netflix on Demand Beetlejuice! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! YAY!


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