"Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment"
By Steve Harvey with Denene Millner

So I was having a "Boys F-ing Piss Me Off Day" and took myself to my happy place- the book store. Despite comedian Steve Harvey's massive grin taking up half the front cover and the book's amusing and cheesball title, I thought reading it wouldn't hurt anybody (truth: I DID take the glossy cover off before reading it on the subway cuz I didn't need to announce to the entire 8am Q-Line crowd that I need boy advice). Mr. Harvey has a lot to say about Men, and their relationships with women, most of it gained through, well, being a man and hosting a radio show for years, hearing the same complaints time and again. I was pretty pleased with what I already knew (there's an entire chapter devoted to sex called "First Things First: He Wants To Sleep With You". Yaaaa, duh.) but also shocked at some things I may not have gotten the memo on.

Harvey opens the book with a dedication to "All Women- with Hope to Empower you with a wide-open look into the minds of men" which he does thoroughly in a humorous and straight-up way.

The book is broken down into three sections- 1) The Mind-Set of a Man. 2) Why Men Do What They Do. 3) The Playbook: How to Win the Game. I managed a few ah-ha moments and definately a couple good belly laughs outta each chapter (especially "Sports Fish vs. Keepers: How Men Distinguish Between the Marrying Types and the Playthings") but these lines were my chocolate sprinkle topping to the ice cream advice he's offering up.

"Know this: It is your right to expect that a man will pay for your dinner, your movie ticket, your club entry fee, or whatever he has to pay for in exchange for your TIME." Ah, bless this man.

"A man may not go shopping with you to buy the new dress for your office party, but a real man will escort you to that party, hold your hand, and proudly introduce you all around the party as his lady (profess); he may not cuddle you and sit by the bed holding your hand while you're sick, but a real man who loves you will make sure the prescription is filled, heat up a can of soup, and make sure everybody is in position until you are better (provide); and he may not willingly change diapers, wash the dishes, and rub your feet after a hot bath, but a real man who loves you sure will walk through a mountain and on water before he'd let someone bring any hurt or harm to you (protect). This much you can believe. If you've got a man who does these things for you, trust me, he's all in. "

But if I'm cooking a meal, you better believe I will NOT be the one doing those dishes....All in all, book was done in a day, so he gets a Gold star for making me laugh AND making my jaw drop while doing his best to look out for the ladies.


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