raphael saadiq has shiny white teeth

looks finnnnne in his designer suit
but had me imagining what's beneath!
he played bass, guitar and 
shook his fine-ass booty
definitely more built than expected
this man's a major cutie!!!

ok, enuf with the cheese. raphael is the bees-knees ("see i'm a big boy, and big boy's have desires". yes he did). raph played a good 2hr set at the fillmore (drenched in sweat i might add) and his band was stellar (props to his chicky-poo back-up singer. girl had more energy than the entire band put 2gthr)...lotsa couples loving on each other and it made me smile rather than throw-up in my mouth.  mr. saadiq's musical man power seems to have restored my faith this eve in love... spring is in the air! tra-laa


Teneille said... @ March 23, 2009 at 4:19 PM

he does look mighty sharp in that there suit, mmm hmm

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