Grrrrrrrr.I don't even know where to begin . So many things are running across my mind from career and life overall. I think need to take a vacation to regroup my thoughts and come back full force because my mind is on sigghhh and I feel like I am going to snap. I barely sleep and wake up early on time to start my day on the computer to research , return emails, make phone calls , and all.

Sometimes, I feel like I do not want to communicate with the world. Did you ever experience this ?

Sometimes , I feel that at my age I should be a lil more stable compared to the people who are at my age . I am blessed to be working on various projects,learning from people ,networking ,and achieveing my personal goals . I know hard work pays off at the end . But damn how long should I have to wait ? I just need to be by the beach and enjoy some love,sex and magic
..... lololol


Ńique_ Famous* said... @ March 25, 2009 at 4:30 PM

That video is too sexy for t.v.

Sofia said... @ March 25, 2009 at 6:33 PM

Yeah ur right....she is going to lose a large portion of her fan based..which is weird bc Beyonce who is hear she swagger jacked this video from gets away with it...well some of it...damn is it that hard to sell records?????

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