So its monday and during a casual conversation I'm told Damon Dash's wife filed for divorce from him but she isn't seeking any monetary relief. So I'm like ok, thats odd, lets google. There weren't any rumors posted as to why they divorced just that Dame is cash striken and blah blah blah. So I sit and begin to think about his wife. I remember the first time I saw an ad for the Rocawear childrens line with this cute little Indian looking girl. I was like somewhere in my teens and someone said she was Damon Dashes daughter. So I'm like his daughter?? (I don't know why I'm obsessed with people's kids) thats weird then the mother has to be mixed or something. I remember seeing pics of this bollywood star type looking chic and Damon Dash, always dressed in "casual" attire. It kinda struck me as odd, them being together then later married but I didnt really think about it too much. Now I'm a little bit older and I try to process information a little bit better so I came up with my own little interpretation of events. Rachel Roy came from a humble and religious upbringing, an editor stated that she had to pay her dad rent as teen (wtf??)I picture a young girl far away from home in a big city with big city dreams of high fashion. Hip Hop was at its Pinnacle of success headed by Rocawear and Ms. Roy lands an internship. I imagine what that was like the money, the cars, the flashiness and celebrities all around you and then either one of two things: being wooed by a wealthy ceo or doing everything in your power to get ahead and wooing that wealthy ceo. I'm assuming it may have been a little of both which aided to her rising to ranks of creative director. I'm sure if she didn't know a thing about fashion, after fulfilling the roll in that fasted paced environment, she definitely would now. Fast forward thru a marriage, rumors, women, baby mam drama, civil charges stemming from an alleged criminal activity, two kids, a successful high end clothing line and now financial woes..that would probably end any relationship. Im sure that would have ended minds. I guess you get to a point of when you have been through so much that enough is enough or its time to let go and no amount of money can make it better (thank goodness she has her own bc maybe if she didnt she would have probably stayed) This kinda leads back to my post on relationships betweens fathers and daughter but instead of going deeper lets take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy some pics of her fall 09 collection.


Ńique_ Famous* said... @ March 25, 2009 at 4:29 PM

It's crazy that she's leaving him after he helped her become successful.

Sofia said... @ March 25, 2009 at 5:37 PM

I dont know if thats fair to say...I mean she did have two kids for him and put up with a whole lot. Their oldest daughter is like 10 and she just had a another baby! Maybe I'm kinda rooting for her since I think it took alot for her to go or rather let go in front of everyone.

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