After years of dating boys and having them tell me my booty is too big and my thighs are too thick (really not healthy- I totally developed a complex), a very weird thing happened to me last night. The guy I'm currently dating was over watching a flick and these words casually came out of his mouth, "I love your booty, it could be a lil bigger though". Errrrrrrrrrkkkkk... Reee-wind! What's that you say? You want my booty to be bigger? Pause. Ummmmmm, marry me?

Ok, I'm being semi-dramatic but it was refreshing to hear someone not just tell me I had a nice booty but that it wouldn't be so bad, if for instance, I ate emotionally more often and my ass grew a couple jean sizes (which actually does happen every year Oct 31- Jan 7th, give or take a few days. I heart holidays). I couldn't help but do a little inner dance of joy mainly because it showed me that I am growing- that I'm letting myself be more of who I am (inside and out) rather than letting society bombard me with images of who I should be, and dutifully obeying. A step up from the days of trying to mold my body (and failing) into the "You can never be too thin or too rich" motto I seemed to let seep into my consciousness years ago.

Today, I like my bootylicious lower half fine thank you. As for my choice of men, well thats a process too. This one I'll just take to language school. Instead of "Just a lil bigger", I'll take "Baby you are perfect just the way you are, you know that?". Yes actually I do, especially when I'm in that yummy place of radical self-acceptance. It's probably true that the more I remind myself of this truth, the more it'll be reflected back to me in partners. But in the meantime, I'm gonna bask in the glorious light of knowing it really is true that there's always people out there who will love the things about me I think I have to fix. Little reminders of Life's humorous, loving and compassionate side.

boo.ty.li.cious \'bu:t-e-'lish-*s\ Adjective. (modif. of MF butin, fr. MLG bu-te exchange) 1: curvaceous or voluptuous, esp. in the derriere (i.e., booty) 2: sexually attractive in a way that causes males ages 18-25 to desire to grope, fondle, lick, or otherwise touch the booty parts. (Source: Urban Dictionary)


Kidsister said... @ March 5, 2009 at 5:02 PM

This song describes the feeling of being secure in your own skin


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