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Hey Readers,
Today my bff and I spent some time together this afternoon to discuss what's going on in each other worlds,life, relationships, and all. Before I met up with him , I came across his myspace page and I notice his status message says" It is disgusting for female to come over a guy house with mismatching under garments." I was like WOW. So I knew this topic was going to be the highlight of the day . I ask him, " Why it is disgusting for a female to wear mismatching under garments?" He says,"He loves seeing a woman in matching under garments because it is sexy and its a turn on." He continues to say, "mismatching is a big turn off for the bedroom atmosphere." I said, " What if she has black bra with a pink bow in the middle & on her straps and her panties is black" He responds, "It must be a SET but if I don't peep all the details at that moment its cool longer its matching." I said,"wow, you picky and well for you its turn on but there are other men out there who are not concern about mis/matching undergarments but loves to admire the anatomy of woman ,get turn on and handle the BUSINESS." "There are some undergarments are design as a mismatch set." I also said "sometimes women rush to get prepared and not think about matching undergarments. Some women are more focus on making sure their hair , manicure, pedicure,hygiene and meow meow hair cut is on point." Am I right Ladies ?

I wear mismatching undergarments a few times but it only remains for hmmmmmm mine ur beeswax... lolololol

Is mismatching undergarments is a big turn off for a guy ? Ladies, How often you wear mis or matching undergarments to a guy house ?


Teneille said... @ March 7, 2009 at 3:23 AM

Never! It doesnt matter how long we're together, mismatching is dead ass wrong! lol

$port said... @ March 7, 2009 at 6:54 PM

as long as them joints end up on the floor, I do not care....owwww!!

but I mean, if you're trying to be sexy, then yeeeeeahhh, get it together, babe

Good Life said... @ March 10, 2009 at 1:40 PM

Matching is cool, but im all for something different yet cool. Ill take a non matching nice get up over a matching set. I thought it looked kinda cool when Rihanna wore the mis-match bathing suit....

Sha said... @ March 12, 2009 at 7:34 PM

Hey T, Sport & Good Life

Thanks 4 responding .I like mismatching at timeslonger Ilook yummie ( Tee : I know u going too look at me like I am crazy)

To the guys : did you ever get turn off by mis matching undergarments.

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