I remember when this song came out. I was attending P.A.L Daycamp, summer of like 1993 (I was 7)
I had on a pair of all black leather clogs, and denim overalls i cut into shorts. The counselors at P.A.L were mid teenagers and would have the radio on during Arts & Crafts. Me and my best friend at the time would sit around and wait for this song to come on. We made up a little dance for it and everything. We were too damn grown!
I didnt really know the inside verses to this song at the time, but i had fun singing the chorus because i thought it was funny, and cute to sing aloud because it rhymed.
"Somebody rockin',knockin' da boots"
Ahhh, The sweet, sweet innocence!!

I was distraught when i found out that the lead singer died in a car crash a few years ago. He was too sexy, way too sexy to pass away like that.

So i play this song in his memory!!

Number two on my Valentine's Day Playlist
H-Town: Knockin' Da Boots


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