We at Boys+Clothes love to inform our readers about upcoming and new trends in the fashion world so lets talk about sustainability. Do you think about ways to lesson your carbon foot print? Has those ways influenced the things you buy or the clothes you wear? Have you been searching for a pair of jeans which are environmentally friendly, affordable and stylish? If this is you, well get to know Dasoil Jeans. Using a creative blend of organic, recycled and salvage denim while utilizing a vintage loom, DaSoil Jeans leads the race for ultra premium denim. DaSoil fuses fresh, fashionable comfort with edgy design and offers it wearer the look and feel of ultra premium denim without them having to hesitate due to price. Dasoil jeans are available online and customers can also customize their jeans to fit their own unique style. Another added bonus of buying a pair of DaSoil Jeans is if your not satisfied with the end result, just send it back and they'll alter it until your are. DaSoil Jeans cater to men and women of all shapes and sizes. Ladies, who are thicker than a snicker, small at the waist and curvey at the hips or big and beautiful don't worry! They have jeans for you too! Dasoil Jeans caters to everyone..................

Visit Dasoil jeans at www.dasoiljeans.com


E-Rich said... @ February 2, 2009 at 12:12 PM

Of course organic is what's in now, so I'm not surprised.

Sha, I don't want to come off as an asshole, but I'm an English nerd. Grammar, yo, grammar! Lot of "is" where there should be "are". I'm just saying, this blog represents a magazine.

Anonymous said... @ February 2, 2009 at 6:30 PM

hey e-rich..
I dont think you are coming off like an asshole. thank you for looking out.I guess blogging in the middle of the night and falling half asleep is a no no >.

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