Ever got on the Bus, Train ,Or just simply walking down the street, and notice that dude checking you out, and is just as attractive to you, like you are to him??

This goes for the fellas too, but a few of yall just have a weird technique to hollering at us these days. Grabbing us by our wrists and shit, almost popping our bracelets off at times, lol (only sometimes it's cute when a guy is close enough to you, like maybe on the train during rush hour, or at a crowded party, and he gently tugs on your finger tips(A+)
See, it's the cute little things like that, that will get you the digits at the end of the night, and if you're cute enough, you might just get the digits right then and there. Take Notes..)
But then I've seen dudes get abusive too. I've had a guy throw a book upside my head to get my attention (ahahaha, J/K)

But yes, we call that Instant Attraction, right?

Alot of the time, Instant Attraction (additionally) comes from a positive connection, that immediately works as a magnetic force
(in other words) "Good Energy"

And although initially it comes off as a Physical attraction (shout outs to all the sexy guys reading along) We must acknowlegde that the universe is always working within us, moving us towards things we ultimately look for in life

(Yes, class is always in session)

And wasn't Tyrese just sexy as hell in the Bus scene?
With the signature Skully cap & Construction Timbs?
Slightly Bashful
But the eye contact was sweet and sincere : )

I could've lived without him wearing that cheesy green sweater and matching GREEN LEATHER TOPHAT : /
But i'll give him a break... It was 98'

But most importantly..
Who was that sexy dread nigga in the beginning of the video, in the front of the bus looking real rough and tough, chewing his gum mad hard, exposing that jawbone that us ladies love to see.

Pardon me (lol) but im just extremly attracted to men with mean/serious-like faces (and dreads, sometimes)

He should've been the main focus, lol
But then the video would've been very much so... Gay

(And i know we all remember the girl who played "Tiffany" on that show "In The House" with LL Cool J)
She plays the the lead girl in the video too!!

Number Four on the Lovers Lane Countdown and Valentine's Day playlist

Tyrese: "Sweet Lady"


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