The worst thing about "reality blogging" is getting caught!

Monday night was the last Electric Punanny of the year. I told myself I wasn't about to become a Sway head but, I couldn't resist the last EP of the year especially with all of B+C in attendance.

After Hearst, I head to Houston's on Park with my mentor. I stopped at Duane Reade and realized I must've lost my money. Pissed but too preoccupied to dwell, I use my card and head down to Barnes + Nobles. I dug through my bag-o-crap, emptied all my pockets, no money. I was tight. I meet up with Cee and Shaina for some last minute shopping on 14th Street after forcing myself to accept I'd lost my cash. The girls are shopping at a snail's pace and to continue waiting around for them at this point is definitely pushing the time. We planned to be back in the city for pre-Sway sushi at 9:30 which has now been pushed back to 10. It's almost 9 o'clock now, so I hop on what I thought was the R train back into Brooklyn. It ends up being the W...for what apparently stands for "WOMP, WOMP!". I get off to wait for the R Train which of course takes forever. I'm burning up inside. R Train comes, I take it to the 3. No 3 Train, I hop on the 4 Train to Utica...STILL NO 3 TRAIN! The platform is packed, everyone's aggy and now I'm getting side-eyed by the project chicks because I'm just too fly and I'm wearing shades at night. I dig in my pocket for the millioninth time after telling God I would take a cab right now if I had some cash and BAM out of nowhere I find my cash I thought I lost earlier. I hop into a cab. My phone's going off like crazy now! "Where u at b?!" "You still in BK?" "Where we meeting up?" I'm frazzled as fuck and I'm nowhere near home. Texting and switching between calls, I didnt realize my cab driver is going in the wrong direction. He finally gets back on track. I look down, look up and who is crossing right in front the cab...MY EX!

I'm tight because he looks so good. Always. If he would've looked bad, I would've won and nothing he could of said would've mattered. Because I would've won. But, he looked good, so good. As always. So, I roll the window down and yell something smart to him. Honestly, I was expecting him to wave me off so I could have even more reason to hate him but he doesn't and motions me with his eyes to get out the cab. I cross the street to him and he reaches out to...SHAKE ME!

"You putting me on the internet!!!!!!"

DAMMIT! I'M CAUGHT! I'M CAUGHT! That's the only thing I could think. He insists I owe him a post...

He has his own "side of the story" now. HA! He said I'm "industry" now (which I'm DEFINITELY not) and that "I only fuck with lightskinned dudes now" (COMEDY!). I had to laugh at his antics while I stared him down to remind him of the real reasons I "acted out". After Yung's Dad cheated on me and left me, the last thing I wanted was to end up in a relationship where I knew I wasn't someone's "type" and especially one who's family wouldn't accept my son. Sorry but, it was too hard for me. But, let's keep it light. I'm glad he enjoyed his little "air it out session". Said he didnt like the way I rushed around to get pretty for my "new lightskinned dude" when I didn't care how I looked for him. "You decorating for this nigga and when I show up you got bags of hair and shit all over the place". That was funny. Yesterday he asked me "when was the last time I made a man cornbread and gave him a nice back rub" *blank stare*.

I wish I could just wipe the last few years of my life clean and do so much different. Like right after I had Yung...yep, I'd do alot different.

Cue *Amy*...

This album was all I had in Paris. It was sad and gray and rainy, kind of like my love life. Ahhh, the joys of adulthood. :-/


Kwan Lee said... @ January 3, 2009 at 3:26 AM

Sorry I gotta laugh a lil Tee. That whole why you put me online thing is crazy... I had to take off a post because I got cursed out

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