This was me on New Year's Eve about twenty minutes shy of midnight. Yung was snoring and it took everything in me to look slightly awake while I snapped my last picture of the year. I fell asleep about four minutes later. Brought in the new year in bed, with my Yungy bear and my fabulous new hair.

New Year's has been my ultimate favorite holiday since forever right after Christmas and Halloween. But, this year I was just not excited. I have so many deadlines staring me in the face, that the last thing I needed to do last night was get wasted. The love I got all day yesterday and last night was overwhelming also. I've been working so hard, I honestly haven't noticed anyone else but B+C and everyone involved with this project directly. Everyone sees something in this shit, in us, in me and I'm just holding on for dear life to make this shit happen. I always get the forward texts that I never respond to (sorry yall) but, I got mad personals calls, emails and business texts disguised as New Years wishes, lol.

"So I'm a bit funny style, a people person but I'm always giving the side-eye! I feed off of energy and when I first met you I was just dumbstruck that u weren't apart of the fuckery! In this poseresque scene of sneaker kings, downtown soho crack babies, lame fashionistas with bad vintage habits and a million rappers and cuchee giving socialites I knew there was something about you that was authentic. Love ya much and thank you for being one of the very few who believes in me and takes what I do seriously! Ur mindblowing, love u t...now I know u long enough to say that shit, HA! Serve it up for the 09!!!"

":) :) :) :) ur popping"

"Happy B+C New Year!! I was just thinking keep in mind when ur in Vegas to be back for the 20th thats Clint's show and I want B+C to rep hard I was thinking wear Clint jeans with B+C shirts and his custom shoes?"

"T, I love you, you're my true friend so dont forget the little people bitch!!!!"

"I love yall tho. Our lives are about to change. Happy New Year!"

"Good chicks are hard to find...Stay on the grind for 2009..."

So many people believe in me. Sometimes And most of the time, I don't even know why. Pray for me yall.

On a Side Note here's some...
End of 08 Habits That'll Probably Last The Whole Year:

-Listen to 808's & Heartbreaks everyday
-My phone has been on silent for the last few weeks and I dont think I'm ever turning my ringer back on again
-Going to Vegas for a month after the 1st of February. Going to take a month off after after quarterly project
-Going to wear shades in the club and at night
-Going to start ignoring people


$port said... @ January 2, 2009 at 5:09 AM

must've been in the air...i was sleep by 11pm...didn't see any kind of celebration anywhere...

ehh...they'll be others...

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