These were my actual thoughts of the last 15 mins...about a minute a thought on the late night when no one else is around.

1. I have to pee but I don't feel like making that trek down the hall to the bathroom...I wonder if I could just thug it out through the night or if I'll have the dreaded POOL DREAM!!!
2. Thinking about a picture the guy I really like took of me while I was reading a book of poems and laughed inside at the thought of it being hurled out the window later that day. Wonder where the picture is in my emails.
3. Wonder how tight these curls in my hair are going to be on Friday. I have sponge rollers in that I'm going to leave in all day tomorrow and I'm going to Staples first thing in the morning with them in too. Rap Quote: "My attitude is fuck it cause motherfuckers love it" - Jay, Some People Hate...damn I want to hear it now.
4. I got mad papers and magazines and shit scattered on the bed. But, I'm proud of the editorial calendar and sales presentation research and stats so far.
5. My thumbnail broke really badly. Damn what the hell was I doing? Why are my nails so hard?
6. Wondering how the cover is going to end up...
7. Wondering what Tootsie's doing since I locked her out the room and she hasn't barked since. She needs to be groomed, sigh.
8. I forgot what it feels like to hold a newborn. Glad about that.
9. Just heard NJ Burkett is using Twitter to report live from the crisis in Israel...that's crazy!
10. My stomach just growled but I know if I eat again its about a 96% chance I'll have one of the worst nightmares of my life.
11. Thinking about my friend Kush and vow this moment to never smoke weed especially kush weed because it'll be weird to use the phrase "blowing kush" :-/
12. What the hell was that sound outside? Sound like someones shingle roof flew off the top of their house!
13. I really need to get up and pee. I'm so not gonna be able to thug this one out.
14. Everytime I drink Snapple Iced Tea, I have to piss like a race horse!
15. I'm hungry! Dammit why don't I have any candy around! Mike + Ikes Jolly Joes preferrably.


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