Shaina: Yooooo
Shaina: I got caught in the matrix
Shaina: I was about to take a shower...then I realized there was this lil ass piece of soap
Shaina: So I had to go to the store
Teneille: cee and them lil fucking pieces of soap!
Teneille: thats some wild slave shit!
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: I swear!
Shaina: I couldn't even do it
Shaina: I bought irish spring too...I feel super clean
Shaina: Owwww!
Teneille: i cant use that shit, too strong for my sensitiveness
Shaina: Oooo
Shaina: I figure I try it out
Teneille: i use it for yung though, guys need stronger smelling soap for the lower area
Shaina: Yes they do
Teneille: irish spring knocks that smell right out
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: Yea....Zeus turned me out
Teneille: and Yung insists on being independent in the bathroom and wipes himself *side eye*
Shaina: The smell was all stuck on my skin
Shaina: Lmao @ side eye
Teneille: and u know lil kids never wipe good
Shaina: No they don't...especially boys
Teneille: especially boys!!!
Shaina: Half of them still don't wipe good
Teneille: what the fuck ever shaina, thanks
Shaina: Hahahaha
Shaina: Its the truth
Teneille: i dont even wanna think about it
Shaina: Yea...change the subject
Shaina: Sooooo
Shaina: Did you listen to those Drake songs
Shaina: ?
Teneille: nah i fell asleep listening to hov last night
Teneille: got the wild headache this morning
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Oooo
Shaina: Oh boy
Teneille: had the lil earplug headphones in and the volume all the way up
Teneille: big mistake, hug
Teneille: *huge
Shaina: Smh
Teneille: dont forget to hit dru kid!
Shaina: Im not
Teneille: im on ur ass like white on rice
Shaina: I see!
Teneille: aint no half steppin over here
Shaina: Word
Shaina: Did you speak to cee (the photog) yet?
Teneille: patrice was linking up with her and i spoke to patrice before they were linking up, patrices doc appt is ending now, shes hitting me when shes out the office and theyre both together
Shaina: Oh ok cool
Shaina: This muthafuckin bus is slippin!
Teneille: awwwww u!!
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Word
Shaina: Im trying out these jerk wings from golden krust
Shaina: I can't wait!
Teneille: that shit sounds mad good right now
Teneille: i fuck with a golden krust
Shaina: I know!
Shaina: Ima bust one down as soon as I get to work
Teneille: somethings telling me dudes are not feeling my shit right now, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...i feel like im being igged!
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: Ah well
Teneille: <- the lonely loner *cue day and night-cudi*
Shaina: They get over it...they always do
Teneille: imma get with soulja boy and fuck the whole game up
Teneille: awwwwwww u!!!!
Shaina: Zeus decided that if we chill all the time he's gonna end up liking me....so he's gonna fall back
Teneille: who?!
Shaina: But everyday this week he's asked me to come over
Shaina: Smh
Teneille: that doesnt make sense...um uve been fuckin with him for a year...*blank stare*
Shaina: Yea
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: I think that was his way of saying...I like you way more than I thought I ever would and should
Shaina: I don't know how to handle it
Teneille: oh boy, sigh
Shaina: But everyday...you making sure you speak to me, see what im up to, genuinely excited about the things im doing with my life
Teneille: does big sis have to stab a nigga
Shaina: Nah
Shaina: He's doing what they all do....im not even mad
Teneille: he'll come around
Shaina: Im just gonna get missing on that ass
Teneille: nah hes not doing what they all do though
Teneille: cee's gonna merk me for that one
Shaina: And when I come back I'll be Mrs. Jackie Long
Shaina: Merk you for what?
Teneille: lol
Shaina: Lol...oh yea she hates him
Teneille: i dont think hes doing what they all do and i think hes gonna come around sooner than u think...
Teneille: im not saying hes my first draft for u but usually when dudes start talking like that theyre about to cave
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: That's true
Shaina: I hope im not Mrs. Aubrey "Drake" Graham by then
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: im not saying im okay with the shit u have dealt with and i wished u didnt like him as much as u did and found somebody who adored u fully and loved u to pieces but if u havent gotten over him yet and clearly arent ready to give up on him then i'll support whatever choice u make
Teneille: im not leaving ur life anytime soon god forbid and i dont wanna go hating the nigga u see urself with
Shaina: Awwwww! Tee!!
Shaina: You're gonna make me cry
Teneille: cmon u know mama bear got ur back, do i wanna stab him sometimes? of course i do but its not for me to lose sleep over...but if u want him to be stabbed we can arrange it :)
Shaina: I know....you know I make it my business to know where a nigga stay at
Shaina: Just in case....like insurance
Teneille: cee's gonna bang me out for this one
Teneille: smh
Teneille: smfh
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: *sigh*
Shaina: I don't even talk about him to her anymore
Teneille: awwww man, hopefully by the time she reads it we'll have done mad posts already
Shaina: She really hates him
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: I feel like listening to some mary now
Teneille: im annoyed...imma keep it all the way real
Shaina: I know you are
Shaina: I would be too
Shaina: You didn't do anything out of the ordinary to these fools
Shaina: And they actin stupid....cuz of their own hang ups
Teneille: no not over a nigga, lol...pulling all these damn clothes for the shoot
Shaina: Awww man
Teneille: did u click on my twit pic?
Shaina: Nah
Shaina: Clicking on it now
Teneille: click them, lmao...im bout to get ready to go to this brazilian buffet jumpoff for lunch...i'll holla!


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