I remember the first time we met at my job…..

It was my first day and I had one of those little girl bright-eyed moments. You caught me by storm when I just saw you sitting there. We we’re face to face and I couldn’t even stay in focus while my boss was introducing me to my other co-workers. I kept struggling; trying hard not to give you side eye stares while she was giving me the run-down of my duties. I didn’t want her to think I wasn’t listening to her so I tried hard to block you out of sight or memory.

Amidst all the other bullshit around, I could just tell you we’re just cut from a different cloth. You we’re just so ill, not flashy, loud or too out there. I knew we’d be the perfect match. I love that you’re so unconventional, sort of like Jay in his prime, not many can see you’re potential now because you don’t need to be extra to prove them wrong. But trust babe I see it and know in a couple of years you’ll be a household name. Goshhhh your so chill man. The funny thing is I‘m never on that mushy gushy stuff but I could really see you by my side. Ahhhhh you’re making me feel so corny right now…smh

The crazy thing is we both know we’re so perfect for each other but you played too much games with my mind. I’ll see you by yourself one minute and then the next I’ll see some chick walking up to you and you know it makes me jealous. I use to give them the little side-eye and try to mark my territory but I can’t really OD on the eye stares because I’m at work and I don’t want to get fired for intimidating a customer.

I’m usually a picky chick and when I want something I go for it but this time around I just had too much going on. I wanted to be able to have you without any distractions. Right now you know I’m dealing with school, bills, and other things that I need to prioritize in my life so that’s why I’m so hesitant.

So then, I take two F’in days off and I come back and your goneeeee, my heart sank man. I never knew I could get so hooked so quickly. I couldn’t believe it. Like a fiend I went to the stock room on my fifteen to see if you we’re there and found out you weren’t there either. They told me some chick came in and you left with her and that was it. Are you serious B! It was suppose to me and you on our Bonnie and Clyde shit. It haunts me that I didn’t put enough work to get you but I’m sure we’ll meet again babe and the next time you’ll be mine.

I love you
Jas MB
You’re worth way more than $450.00 sweetie :)



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