Tuesday night while ordering my hot wing dinner Patrice and I caught up with our scheduled weekly phone call. Life, Work, Boys, Clothes, our normal topics of conversation. I shared with Patrice the reality of this state of restless funk I'd been in these past few months. So when we talked about her latest Kid Sister post I encouraged her to write it, sharing her own truths, insecurities and restlessness. I mean fuck it, we're keeping it all the way real here right?

Pulling one of our usual all-nighters, early this morning the girls and I semi-jokingly (:-/) devised a plan to just "get missing". "This shit is whack kid" seemed to be the general consensus among the three of us. I remembered our plight our entire schoolhood "careers" and it seemed to be replaying itself in adulthood. We'd become the "crew" of smart popular girls. The boys wanted to know us, the girls wanted to befriend us, everyone admired how we'd managed to be so close and have the connections we did and then...

As soon as we felt we had begun to assimilate into the safety of the "in-crowd" mold we'd rebel and become the mean girls. The shady girls. The conceited girls. The phony bitches. So Patrice's post hit a major chord with me this morning. It seems moreso in our adult lives we're given the option to either assimilate and become a Stepford Wife, Wifey or Girlfriend or end up forever misunderstood and labeled eccentric or my favorite...difficult.

My message to you boys...
Don’t get caught up in the hype with these bitches that want to be who YOU want them to be.

Where's the lesson learned there?

I'm no one's "Fashionista Barbie". I love the works of Toni Morrison and listen to MC Solaar. The guards at the Brooklyn Museum poke fun at me for my lonesome Sundays engulfing myself in the new photography exhibits. I'd take a Hoiming Bag over a Marc Jacobs bag and an African Safari ride over a shopping spree at Barney's anyday.

I'm Avant Garde these bitches are Ready-To-Wear.

"We seem to get caught up in the illusion of image that society has designed for us forgetting that behind them there’s persona’s that will either move or bore us."

No really, I fucks with Hoiming


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