Shaina: Boogity boogity boo!
Teneille: *screams and runs*
Shaina: [AWAY] Time after time, I've done my sentence, but committed no crime...
Teneille: tisk tisk tisk...ur away message!
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: I always forget
Shaina: Cuz somebody else is always disrespecting me with their away up
Teneille: really my nig? so u do me like that?
Shaina: Nah
Shaina: I just forget
Shaina: Yo...why are the people on the 15 so ignorant
Teneille: sigh
Shaina: Nobody wants to move to the back
Teneille: my throat hurts
Teneille: pause
Shaina: There's maaad space
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Awww man
Shaina: There's definitely something going around
Teneille: like on some im bout to be sick for real type shit
Shaina: I told u Zeus said I sound like Patrick Star
Teneille: lmao
Shaina: Smh
Shaina: He's an ass
Shaina: You better drink some bush tea tonight
Shaina: Special brew
Teneille: idk kid
Teneille: i feel wild out of it, my head be mad stuffy in the morning too
Shaina: Awww man
Teneille: word
Shaina: Every morning I wake up wild congested
Teneille: shit is crazy
Shaina: I can't lose my appetite
Shaina: I refuse to!
Teneille: yo ur life and times 5 is craze
Teneille: sorry i keep dwelling
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: god bless on that one kid
Shaina: Word
Teneille: hahaha
Shaina: Lmao
Teneille: i literally cant wait until tomorrow
Teneille: DUMB hot!
Shaina: It took me mad long to get it together
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: You stupid
Teneille: im mad u put me on blast tho, haha now i look like the devils advocate
Shaina: Hahahaha
Shaina: I wonder if Subway gonna know im talking about him
Shaina: Hehe
Teneille: hell yeah
Shaina: Lmao
Teneille: $#&%& reads the blog everyday
Shaina: Omg!
Teneille: lmao
Shaina: Im outted
Teneille: its all good, u didnt out him
Shaina: Im gonna die!
Teneille: stick to ur guns baby!
Shaina: Nah
Teneille: this is what the life and times of s.elle is about right?
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: u chumpin?
Shaina: Can't wait til Zeus starts reading
Shaina: Nah...I aint chumpin
Teneille: all u gotta do is ask a black person if their chumpin...lol
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: For real
Shaina: Like callin someone pussy
Shaina: They be like hell nah!
Shaina: Lmao
Teneille: that made me choke
Shaina: Peer pressure is bitch!
Teneille: nah we all hold each other down so we know we not gonna set each other up for some DUMB shit
Shaina: Yes, very true
Teneille: thats why i kept yung
Teneille: just kidding
Shaina: I hear that
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: You're an idiot
Teneille: lol
Shaina: I think ima start savin up for a car
Shaina: I get my bonus in january....I think that's what I wanna do
Teneille: cool
Teneille: get something with a radio
Shaina: This 15 bus is gonna be the death of me
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: And heat
Teneille: that was next
Teneille: the weather outside makes me feel like hearing never change
Teneille: never never never never change
Teneille: i never change
Teneille: i never change
Teneille: sigh
Shaina: For real....I miss having an ipod
Shaina: *sigh*
Shaina: I just got maaaad tired
Teneille: sigh me too...or at least an ipod with a face :-/
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Yea I know
Teneille: im def getting sick
Teneille: this is DUMB ridiculous
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: You stupid
Teneille: so now what happens with u and uncle sub? lol
Shaina: Idk
Shaina: Guess we gotta call each other first
Teneille: i like the fact that our return visitors are balancing out with our first timers...we got that crizack
Shaina: Oh yezzea
Teneille: yesterday took us over 3k uniques the 31st makes our month we gotta get a cake
Shaina: Awwww!
Shaina: we should
Teneille: nysd 4 life...homies over hoes!
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: Word
Teneille: DUMB word!
Teneille: that shit sounds just like laffy taffy in my head right now
Shaina: Hahaha
Teneille: homies over taffy
Teneille: aight go to work, im going to take a nap


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