They say what happens in Miami, stays in Miami. In my case nothing happened, nothing worth mentioning atleast. I found myself generally uninterested in having sex with anyone down there. I apologize to those who made a good effort to get me there. My heart just wasn't in it, and that's what really counts, your heart right?Seems these days my heart isn't in much of anything. Usually when I have this many dudes checking for me at once, I feel like hot stuff, but now not so much. I want more. I want someone, something that's more than easily attainable, I want someone that Im truly attracted to and that I like.Pretty was down in Miami, I didn't even see him once. I didn't even miss him. Getting back to NY now, he went from hitting me up everyday, atleast once, to not even hitting me at all. The weird part, I don't even feel disappointed by it. I didn't question whether he likes me or not, nothing of the sort. Rather I asked myself "am I desensitized?" Definitely can't say that, some people manage to get under my skin all the time. Zeus being one of them. I kind of like it though.


E-Rich said... @ November 20, 2008 at 6:13 PM

Well, not many men aren't easily attainable unless they're either 1) gay or 2) faithful, so the only thing to worry about is the truly attracted to party. You might be desensitized though, because last time I visited it you were kinda sorta gushing about this Pretty dude.

Teneille said... @ November 21, 2008 at 11:17 AM

@E-Rich But Pretty fucked up when he was texting some chick named Tiffany all night at Shaina's house... I dont know boo! You're clearly still not over Zeus.

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