Shaina: I can’t remember my xray code
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Too many numbers to remember
Teneille: You're def working kid!
[AVAILABLE] Available
Teneille: U were so casual, I thought u were on gates or something
Shaina: Im @ a computer right noe
Shaina: Now
Shaina: This is all practice
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Im a headquartes
Shaina: Headquarters*
Teneille: What is up with you and the typos b?
Teneille: U got chicken grease on ur fingers?
Teneille: Wth?
Shaina: Lmao
Shaina: I've been wildin lately
Teneille: I got muthafuggin heartburn
Shaina: Clearly
Teneille: Sheittt
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Damn
Teneille: Still no word from si** :(
Teneille: Sigh
Shaina: I'll bust that ass 4 u
Teneille: I know :-/
Teneille: I'll be better
Shaina: Ski mask and baseball bat style
Shaina: Hold on
Teneille: Ur short though he'd know it was u
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: And ud say something wild incriminating
Teneille: Like NYSD nigga!
Teneille: And don't u ever forget it!
Shaina: Lol
Shaina: Probably
Shaina: Hahahaha
Shaina: Lmao
Teneille: :(
Teneille: I'll be better
Teneille: *cue rainy days jarule and mary j*
Shaina: Hahahaha
Teneille: Kush hit me last night
Teneille: I was kinda happy
Teneille: Thought he hated me after the snub, lol
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: Back in the bag!
Shaina: They never hate u baby
Teneille: :-/
Shaina: They just need time to assess the situation
Teneille: I got the proper ukku also
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: That make it smoke cigarettes and open beer bottles ukku
Shaina: I was about to put pretty much...but ur proper ukku came b4 I could send
Shaina: That woulda been soooo gay!
Teneille: Pause!!!!
Teneille: Last night cee paused I was sying
Teneille: *dying
Teneille: She stopped talking so I said hello hello
Teneille: She was like my bad, I was blowing my soup
Teneille: Pause
Teneille: Lmaoooo
----------------------- 3:01 pm -----------------------
Shaina: Lol
Teneille: Good times good times


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