I had the pleasure of watching the premiere screening of Youssou N'Dour's new documentary, I Bring What I Love, this past weekend at the beloved BAM in the BK with a 2 hour set of the man himself after (best thing about Youssou's performancees- whenever I see him live, he always performs over the scheduled time, I assume cause he loves what he's doing. This night he went over an hour AND my fave, Angelique Kidjo was in the audience and got down for a song. A lil' bird told me she lives in the BK meaning I must suppress all arising stalker urges).

The soundtrack for the film is obviously on point, and if you're a fan of Youssou or West African music in general, it's got great live performance pieces as well. Very interesting look into Sufism in Senegal and the way the Islamic community responds to Youssou releasing his newest album, Egypt, during Ramadan, which eventually wins him his first Grammy. What I enjoyed the most is getting to watch Youssou with his family (his Dad is hilarious!) and see him, very vivid and vulnerable, as Youssou the person, not just Youssou the superstar. A must watch for sure. Comes out this weekend!

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