Cee and Teneille at the Issue 2 Party

"Besides, myself Teneille, the Editor-In-Chief of Boys+Clothes, is the coolest girl everyone should know. She definitely has a pedigree comparable to the best. Since 18, Teneille has immersed herself in the fashion industry with other credits including being the Fashion Editor for Clutch Magazine. With the competitive edge of offering fun, yet informative tidbits throught the art of storytelling, Teneille definitely has a finger on the pulse of what the "coming up age twenty-something woman" wants. Still on a high from debuting the second issue of Boys+Clothes on June 1st, Teneille took some time out of her well-deserved busy schedule to answer a few questions. Keep reading to see why Anna Wintour should be on the look out, why Spike Lee is on her wishlist and why she has an obsession with ripped jeans."
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leahnicole said... @ June 4, 2009 at 12:06 PM

T im such a fan ;)

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