Ok...so...literally, I just saw this picture and the damn thing stopped me dead in my tracks. My eyes and this picture equals a head on collision! Now I know summer is here and for many of us east coasters that may be hard to realize with all this friggin rain but, nonetheless its here. I don't know about you girls but, lately I've been looking for the perfect pair of shorts. However, being lush, I've run into some hurdles. Yet, I'LL BE DAMNED IF I SETTLED FOR ANYTHING!

Exhibit A or D shall I say! D. Woods is never my personal fave but, I respect the fact that her body is sick and luscious! But WTF is she thinking? Oh wait, I know "Let me show how my thighs can double as tupperware for my fat!"

NOTE : Shorts are not for everyone dammit!
If you chose to rock them keep it mid thigh and cellulite proof

RECOMMENDATION: Paper bag or bermuda shorts!

Oh and don't even get me started on the footwear!

So, until the next time my loves...keep it Lush & Luxurious!

Posted by Karima


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