After a grueling series of work weeks or a seemingly endless semester, a vacation doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Tropics, anyone? Eh, I guess I can settle for a weekend suite at the Fontainebleau. But no matter where you decide to go, just remember that you don’t have to fly first class to travel in style....

For starters, the carry-on will be your most trusted companion on your vacation getaway and your main fashion accessory. Keep all of your favorite things within reach in a colorful Louis Vuitton classic or Betsey’s Sweetheart. And don’t forget your Blackberry, iPod, your coolest sunnies, B+C Magazine, bottled water, and a book or two to read on the plane and poolside.

Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway. Even at the airport! Your look should be SIMPLE, but chic nonetheless. Besides, you never know who you might bump into. Maybe Mr. Right or your Mr. Right Now....

Ladies, no need to pull out the Giuseppe Zanotti pumps until after you reach your destination. Instead, go for a classic Chuck Taylor (which looks good with everything) or closed-toe ballet flats. Walk on the wild side with Michael Kors or go en pointe with Alexander McQueen.

Comfort is key. But not to be confused, sweatpants are a big no-no in and out of the airport (I didn't make the rules). Opt for leggings or skinny jeans with a hint of stretch. Be sure to layer a simple tank or tunic with a cardigan, boyfriend blazer, or lightweight trench coat so that you don't freeze your ass off on the plane. Add a cozy pashmina for good measure. It can double as a headrest or blanket when you get cold.

Wear light makeup. Use a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier's in place of foundation and a little Mac lipgloss. (If you suffer from dry skin, ditch the moisturizer.) Highlight your eyes with some waterproof mascara. In addition to a travel-size makeup kit, bring along some travel-size skincare products. For oily skin, use blotting cloths and toners. For dry to normal skin types, a light moisturizer and hydrating mist will do the trick.

Happy Travels!

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